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A place for people who like data and truth.

Jessica's World is a bit of this and a bit of that. My main motivation for this site is to bring awareness to the public with regards to VAERS data. You will find updated VAERS absolute counts, some analysis, my publications on VAERS and in general and some of my favorite interviews.

Adverse event reports in VAERS as of June 6, 2024 normalized to CDC data

High and growing rate in newborns and infants.



The above count represents the total number of foreign and domestic reports per VAERS ID as per mono and bivalent products. It is important for the public to know just how many people have filed adverse event reports to VAERS in the context of these products. The average total number of people who have filed adverse event reports per year - for ALL VACCINES COMBINED for the past 30 years - is ~39,000.


Bivalent COVID19-2 products that started to be reported to VAERS as of September 17th, 2022.


Unfortunately, we can never really know how many people are suffering from adverse events. Reports can go missing, reports can remain in temporary VAERS ID limbo, or never get filed in the first place.


On the Friday November 18th, 2022 update, the Foreign data set was modified.

"Disclaimer: At the request of European regulators, CDC and FDA have removed certain data fields (country codes; reported symptom case narrative free text; diagnostic laboratory data free text field; illness at time of vaccination free text field; chronic conditions free text medical history field; allergies free text field) from foreign VAERS reports which were submitted to VAERS and may not comply with European regulations. Domestic (U.S.) VAERS reports are not affected by this process."

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