VAERS data observations


Myocarditis Dose Response

Got enough data to plot Dose 3 now. Looks like a bunch of people 'backed out'.


All AEs in VAERS age-stratified by decade

No one is immune to these adverse events.

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Correlations between doses and adverse events

There's a very strong correlation between the doses and the adverse events - across any adverse event you pick. This represents the correlation between doses per state and disabilities reported.


Kids ages 0-18 are entering a lot of reports to VAERS

Atypically high number of reports for kids.

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Atypical absolute numbers in general and for thousands of stand-alone AEs.

This requires investigation by the CDC and the FDA. The signals being thrown off by VAERS now are being downplayed and ignored. VAERS is a pharmacovigilance tool designed to detect safety signals not detected in pre-market testing.

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All SAEs in VAERS age-stratified by decade according to Domestic and Foreign data

More younger people reporting SAEs in Foreign data - 19% SAEs in Domestic data; 38% SAEs in Foreign data! Normal is 15% according to VAERS handbook.