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Interviews and podcasts

Since 2020, I have been driven by discovery of safety signals being thrown off in VAERS in the context of the COVID-19 injectable products. I have done a lot of interviews. Here are a few. By the way, some of the newest ones are at the end. Scroll down. :)

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Norman Fenton interviews John Campbell w/Jessica Rose

Norman asks John Campbell a series of questions many would love to hear the answers to and Jessica pipes in occasionally to give her input.

Good Morning CHD: Polly Tommey interviews Jessica Rose

Scientist Dr. Jessica Rose talks RSV vaccine AREXVY, twins in VAERS, B cell lymphoma and more

VSRF with Steve Kirsch and Jessica Rose

Full Episode #82: The Covid Chronicles: Update from the Frontlines

Starting Strength Podcast with Jessica Rose

RFK Jr. vs. Peter Hotez, VAERS, and Vaccines With Dr. Jessica Rose | Starting Strength Radio #218

Nadya Swart BizNews Interview

The job of Covid fact-checkers is to criminalise truths” – VAERS analyst Dr Jessica Rose

Sideline Sanity with Michele Tafoya and Jessica Rose

If you have COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy, listen to this podcast. If you are convinced COVID-19 vaccines work, listen to this podcast. Dr. Jessica Rose has looked at the data. And she has a lot to tell you.

Jessica Rose - Congresso Internacional sobre Gestão de Pandemias/Saúde

Jessica Rose - Congresso Internacional sobre Gestão de Pandemias/Saúde - my presentation

Ask Dr. Drew: Dr. Drew and Dr. Victory speak with Jessica Rose

Dr. Jessica Rose raised concerns about data on severe side effects from mRNA that is accumulating in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).

Just Right Media with Robert Vaughan

Dr. Jessica Rose is a Canadian researcher using her expertise in immunology and computational biology to raise the alarm about COVID-19 “vaccines.”

Making Sense of the Madness with Sean Morgan Ep. 681

In this episode of MSOM, Sean Morgan interviews Dr. Jessica Rose about her research into adverse effects of the COVID “Vaccine”. Next, Chris Paul analyzes the Ohio train derailment and the UFO Psy-Op.

THE LAST AMERICAN VAGABOND interviews Jessica Rose

Jessica Rose explains Blotgate

The Iron Will report with Will Dove and Jessica Rose

Scientist Dr. Jessica Rose exposes removal of Severe Adverse Events such as myocarditis from VAERS

Quantum Nurse Grace Asagra MA, RN interviews Jess

Topic: – Unconditional and Unacceptable: The Voice for Science and Solidarity

The Canadian Story Podcast

165. Dr. Jessica Rose - The Green Monster in Your Closet



In this Canadian Patriot Podcast, Matt Ehret speaks with Dr Jessica Rose about the multi-level fraud that is the “Covid Pandemic”

The Ripple Effect Podcast #443

The Ripple Effect Podcast #443 (Whitney Webb & Dr. Jessica Rose | Epstein, Covid & Cover-Ups)

BRIGHT LIGHT NEWS - with Gord Parks

[INTERVIEW] VAERS Adverse Events Data Gutted -Dr. Jessica Rose

NewsVoice - Independent News and Debate with Aga Wilson

Why is VAERS removing data on adverse events? - Dr. Jessica Rose

Rounding the Earth Podcast

RTE Discussions #17: Severe Adverse Events and mRNA Degradation (w/ Dr. Jessica Rose) - %RNA integrity and hot lots

TPC #1,009 is with Dr. Jessica Rose and Mathew Crawford.

Tommy and Mathew and Jess talk cats, Kanye, FTX, parity digits, TRUTH LAUNDERING and AI

VSRF: Full Episode #48: How Toxic Is The Spike Protein?

Steve Kirsch/Louisa Clary talks to Jessica Rose and Dan Lux about the current state of affairs with injections and running for office

Enlighten Me with Ronny Snellman Interview

My friend Ronny Snellman from Finland and I talk digital IDs

RedpillUSAPatriots with Jess

Jessica Rose, PhD on Vaccinated Blood & Having a Choice to Receive Unvaxxed Transfusions

SAVAERS - Conference 10th September 2022 - Dr. Jessica Rose

Jessica talks about her SAVAERS analysis

Rounding the Earth Round Table

Nanoparticle Model of Vaccine Injury - Round Table w/ Marc Girardot, Jessica Rose & Jonathan Couey

Frank McCaughey Interview

Frank McCaughey interviews Jess about censorship. Gets censored.

Dr. Sam Bailey Interviews Jess

Dr. Jessica Rose - "I Just Told The Globalists They're Going To Fail."

Karina Acevedo-Whitehouse Interview

Entrevista a la Dra. Jessica Rose por la Dra. Karina Acevedo-Whitehouse 04092022

Rounding the Earth Podcast

Research Censorship - Round Table with Kevin McKernan and Jessica Rose

Avi Barak Interview

Scientist Dr. Jessica Rose expresses grave concerns over post-COVID injection adverse events.

Maria Nikolaidi Interview

Maria Nikolaidi interviews Jess about all things COVID - I talk about playing more, and shooting less.

Trish Wood Interview

Trish Wood talks to Jess and Peter McCullough. We talk about censorship, heart issues and things COVID-related.

Law vs. Science episode #1 with Shabnam Palesa Mohamed

Shabnam Palesa Mohamed engages multi-skilled scientist Dr Jessica Rose, veteran OBGYN expert Dr James Thorpe, and clinical researcher and Pfizer whistle-blower Brook Jackson

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Interview

We talk about CDC VAERS data signaling vaccine catastrophe.

Better Way Conference: Dr. Jessica Rose

Dr. Jessica Rose presents at the inaugural Better Way Conference

Mathew Crawford, Liam Sturgess, Chris Masterjohn and myself

We talk Natural Immunity, Campfire Wiki, the Etymology of Science and more!

Strong and Free Canada - The Iron Will Report speaks to Jessica Rose

The new and disturbing data we are seeing in the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System pertaining to fertility.

Tess Talks Podcast

Tess Lawrie speaks with Jessica Rose - Why Warriors Cry.

CHD Interview with Polly Tommey

‘Good Morning CHD’ Episode 70: Catastrophic Massacre - Outcomes of Injecting Babies