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Since 2020, I have been driven by discovery of safety signals being thrown off in VAERS in the context of the COVID-19 injectable products. I have done a lot of interviews. Here are a few. By the way, some of the newest ones are at the end. Scroll down. :)

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Trish Wood Interview

Trish Wood talks to Jess and Peter McCullough. We talk about censorship, heart issues and things COVID-related.

Law vs. Science episode #1 with Shabnam Palesa Mohamed

Shabnam Palesa Mohamed engages multi-skilled scientist Dr Jessica Rose, veteran OBGYN expert Dr James Thorpe, and clinical researcher and Pfizer whistle-blower Brook Jackson

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Interview

We talk about CDC VAERS data signaling vaccine catastrophe.

Better Way Conference: Dr. Jessica Rose

Dr. Jessica Rose presents at the inaugural Better Way Conference

Mathew Crawford, Liam Sturgess, Chris Masterjohn and myself

We talk Natural Immunity, Campfire Wiki, the Etymology of Science and more!

Strong and Free Canada - The Iron Will Report speaks to Jessica Rose

The new and disturbing data we are seeing in the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System pertaining to fertility.

Tess Talks Podcast

Tess Lawrie speaks with Jessica Rose - Why Warriors Cry.

CHD Interview with Polly Tommey

‘Good Morning CHD’ Episode 70: Catastrophic Massacre - Outcomes of Injecting Babies

Right on Point Podcast with Wayne Rhode

Dr. Jessica Rose discusses some new trends in the VAERS data including the emergence of cancer

Rebel News Interview

Scientist expresses grave concerns over post-COVID injection disruptions to women’s reproductive health.

Jane Ruby Interview

Jane Ruby steps in for Stew Peters and interviews Jess about potential long term damage of injections.

Jen Howk Interview

Dr. Jessica Rose on VAERS data and the meaning of life.

Naturally Inspired Podcast Episode 105

Jessica Rose PhD - VAERS, Data And Truth

Vaccine Choice Canada with James Lyons Weiler and Jessica Rose

We discuss the results of our research and the risks associated with the experimental injections.

Transcript of my Substack article on Molecular Mimicry

Audio transcript of my recent Substack article entitled "Molecular mimicry of SARS-nCoV-2 spike to human proteins including thrombopoietin and TLR-8"

The Ignorant Chimp (w/Gal Shalev)  Interview #2

Gal Shalev interviews Jess again. All things on the table. You'll want to hear the end. Atrocities ongoing.

Tommy and Mathew and Jess again

We talk dreams, Dune, sandworms, dumb databases and SYMPTOM LAUNDERING.

Students Against Mandates (S.A.M.) Interview

Brandon Paradoski and Leigh Vossen talk VAERS, mandates and more with Jess.

Dr. Syed Haider Interview

In this video Dr Rose touches on some of the issues with the Pfizer document dumps, the VAERS data, the deeper agenda behind the pandemic, and ends with the silver lining and a way forward for humanity.

Enlighten me Interview with Ronny

'On this first episode in my quest for truth I had the pleasure of sitting down with Dr. Jessica Rose to talk VAERS data and much more this was a fun one.'

The Highwire with Del Bigtree and Jess


Geopolitics and Empire Interview

Dr. Jessica Rose discusses the fraud we’ve all experienced over the past few years in relation to the pandemic.

Brian Hooker Interview

Doctors & Scientists Episode 4 With Dr. Jessica Rose. Brian and I discuss the biology and immunology of the SARS-nCoV-2 virus.

The Ripple Effect Ricky and Jess

The Ripple Effect Podcast #400 (Dr. Jessica Rose | Reflecting And Understanding)

Ivory Hecker Interview

Ivory Hecker talks to Jess about censorship. Ivory digs deep on how easily it is to get peer-reviewed literature censored these days.

Under the Wire Interview

Meryl Dorey interviews Jess about VAERS, Bradford Hill and COVID-19.

Tommy's Podcast with Jess and Mathew

TPC #723 is with Dr. Jessica Rose and Mathew Crawford and this was the first of many podcasts.

Gal Shalev Interview

Gal sat down with Jessica Rose to speak about her censored peer-reviewed Vaers paper that she wrote with Peter Mcculough. Intense and worrying information.

Arthur D. Moore Interview

We talk about CDC VAERS data signaling vaccine catastrophe.

Tommy's podcast with Mathew and Jessica - part deux - The Profundity of Talking to Cats

TPC #756 is with Dr. Jessica Rose and Matthew Crawford.

Grzegorz Płaczek Interview

Grzegorz Płaczek interviews Jessica Rose from Poland. Complete with subtitles!

Pierre Kory/FLCCC Interview

FLCCC Weekly Update 3-16-2022 - VAERS and COVID-19 with Jessica Rose

Making Sense....of the Pandemic Part 2 with Jess, Pierre, Nick, Edward and Billy

The Great Unraveling. Could Wall St. and Large Insurance Firms become unintended heroes of the Pandemic?
Featuring Edward Dowd, Nick Hudson, Dr. Pierre Kory, Dr. Jessica Rose, Dr. Billy Ralph

Tea Time with Polly Tommey!

A fantastic talk with Polly, Sarah and Nadera for Tea Time.

Sara Haboubi for Making Sense Series Interview

The Great Unraveling. More information on VAERS and the state of affairs in the world.

PANDA Interview

In this interview with Bruce Girdler, Jessica Rose talks about how this all came Freedom Fighting came about about for her.

The Ripple Effect Podcast with Jess and Pierre Kory

The Ripple Effect Podcast #378 (Dr. Pierre Kory & Dr. Jessica Rose | Finding Light In The Darkness)

Gary Null

In this interview with Gary Null, Jessica Rose talks VAERS and how many people have died from the injections.

Intervista a Jessica Rose per Simone Mariam

Ci sono oltre 1,1 milioni di reazioni avverse certificate dal VAERS negli USA per il vaccino Covid-19 – Intervista a Jessica Rose

The Jeruslem Report with Ilana Rachel Daniel and Jess

Ilana Rachel Daniel and Dr. Jessica Rose discussing the injections and more.

Eye to Eye with Dr. Kerry Gelb Interview

Dr. Jessica Rose discussing the Covid Injections and more - Eye to Eye with Dr. Kerry Gelb

Dr. Mercola Interview

Dr. Mercola interview Dr. Jessica Rose about VAERS. We take a deep-dive into the VAERS and I talk about what I found and am finding with regards to adverse events.

Brasscheck Interview

An interview with biomedical scientist Jessica Rose Ph.D.

Chris Masterjohn Interview

In this episode, we have a fascinating 3-hour conversation about all things related to COVID vaccines, ranging from interpreting the VAERS data to the future of mandatory prophylactic gene therapy.

Ask the Nurses Podcast, Episode 63

In this episode, Kristen and Nicole ask Jess about everything COVID.

Rabbinical Court Testimony

Jessica talks to Rabbinical Court to try to help them understand the adverse event data situation. בית הדין הרבני ניו יורק: ד"ר ג'סיקה רוז חלק1

The Pulse of Israel Interview

Speaking on deep-diving into the US vaccine adverse events reporting system – VAERS.

Justin Hoyt Interview with Dr. Janci Lindsay and Dr. McAuliffe-Fogarty and Jess

In this episode, Dr. McAuliffe-Fogarty, PhD in Clinical Psychology is joined by Dr. Janci Lindsay, Toxicologist and PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

Dr. Sam Dube Interview

On today’s show, Dr. Sam Dube interviews Dr. Jessica Rose. A very long conversation between good friends.

Asia Pacific Today Interview

Dr. Jessica Rose | No Logical Reason to be Vaxxed - Asia Pacific Today

The Middle Way Podcast

Dr. Jessica Rose breaks down the Vaers data, and tells us what the public doesn't know about adverse vaccine side effects.

Justin Hoyt Interview

In this episode I interview Dr. Jessica Rose, PhD. We discuss and explore some data through VAERS, the patient-provider relationship, and the right to make your own informed decisions when it comes to your health.

Dr. Ben Edwards Interview

On today’s show, Dr. Ben interviews Dr. Jessica Rose. A humble man and a pleasure to talk to.

FDA Testimony #1 for VRBPAC

Viral immunologist and molecular biologist, Dr. Jessica Rose, presents data to the FDA Vaccine Advisory Committee during their September 17, 2021 meeting to consider approval of COVID-19 vaccine boosters.

The Ripple Effect Podcast with Tom Cowan and Jess

The Ripple Effect Podcast #355 (Dr. Tom Cowan & Dr. Jessica Rose | Rethinking Everything You Thought You Knew)

COVEXIT Interview

This interview with Jessica Rose, PhD, covers the question of vaccine safety, as it can be evaluated from actual real world data collected into the so called “VAERS” system.

Union of the Unwanted Podcast

In this Episode of the Union of the Unwanted Podcast, Ricky talks to Robert Malone and Jess.

False Positv Interview

Dr. Jessica Rose about VAERS and the side effects of mRNA injectable products for COVID-19.

Ripple Effect Podcast Interview

Deconstructing VAERS, COVID, Philosophy, Music...

Aga Wilson Interview

In this episode, Jess talks about how the world community has still only seen a fraction of the actual damage caused by the injections.

An Informed Life Radio Interview

In this Episode of An Informed Life Radio: Jessica Rose, PhD, on the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) of the COVID-1 9 Messenger Ribonucleic Acid (mRNA) Biologicals.

TrialSite News Africa Interview

Shabnam Mohammed interviews Jess and Professor Edeling about jabs and SAVAERS.

Ripple Effect Podcast

Ricky talks to Stephanie and Jess about modified mRNA, prions and more.

World Council for Health Presentation

Dr. Jessica Rose on Jab Adverse Injury Updates (Robust Round Table #1).

The Ripple Effect Podcast with Jess and Corporal Daniel Bulford

The Ripple Effect Podcast #369 (Corporal Daniel Bulford & Dr. Jess Rose | Trudeau's Personal Sniper Speaks Out)

Interviews with Academics Interview

Interviews with Academics interviews Jess where we discuss all things concerning the 2 years of fattening the curve. From kids to elders.

Frank McCaughey Interview

Frank McCaughey interviews Jess about censorship. Gets censored.


Rebelnews interviews Jess about myocarditis, censorship, tyranny and more.

Peter McCullough Interview

So let’s get real, let’s get loud, on America Out Loud Talk Radio, this is The McCullough Report!

Karina Acevedo-Whitehouse Interview

Entrevista a la Dra. Jessica Rose por la Dra. Karina Acevedo-Whitehouse 04092022

Veronika Kyrylenko Interview with Jess

Dr. Jessica Rose: Spike Protein and Systemic Blood Clotting

Sonia Elijah Interview with Jess

"The Many Lies We Were Told..." Sonia Elija's Explosive Interview with Dr. Jessica Rose

Dr. Sam Bailey Interviews Jess

Dr. Jessica Rose - "I Just Told The Globalists They're Going To Fail."

VSRF: Full Episode #48: How Toxic Is The Spike Protein?

Steve Kirsch/Louisa Clary talks to Jessica Rose and Dan Lux about the current state of affairs with injections and running for office

Rounding the Earth Podcast

Research Censorship - Round Table with Kevin McKernan and Jessica Rose

Avi Barak Interview

Scientist Dr. Jessica Rose expresses grave concerns over post-COVID injection adverse events.


Audio podcasts

Since 2020, I have been driven by discovery of safety signals being thrown off in VAERS in the context of the COVID-19 injectable products. I have done a lot of interviews. Here are a few.


Trish Wood Interview

Trish Wood talks to Jess and Peter McCullough. We talk about censorship, heart issues and things COVID-related.