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VAERS and Substack

Some cool stuff I have been looking at in VAERS. See these and more on my Substack.

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What is SM-102?

Revealing the SDS read on the cationic lipid used in the Moderna (Spikevax) product.

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Causation evidence

Are we seeing causation in the context of this correlation?

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Vax Lots in VAERS equally harmful

The answer to the question: are 5% of Vax Lots in VAERS causing 100% of deaths? No.

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Exciting findings with regards to differences between manufacturers and myocarditis reports

It's pretty interesting how different the reporting profiles are between Pfizer and Moderna in the context of Myocarditis. The absolute counts are very different across ages. Granted, Moderna is not meant to be doled out to kids but it's not just the kid data that is different here.

Screen Shot 2022-01-28 at 20.02.46.png

The under reporting factor (URF) for miscarriages is estimated at 118.

Calculating the URF for miscarriages using the DMED as a base data set.

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