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The Canadian convoy of truckers is converging on Ottawa!

We got a great big convoy, rockin’ through the night. We got a great big convoy, ain’t she a beautiful sight… Convooy…

At this very moment, a great Canadian convoy of truckers is bearing down on Ottawa, the capitol city of Canada. We are demanding the end of these ridiculous, destructive and insane mandates based in some kind of maniacal mythology. You can read about it here. They were imposed on January 15th, 2022, and have been further stinking up Canada since their imposition.

An expected fantastic 1600 rigs are expected to be on the road! The ridiculousness of these totalitarian measures imposed on all of us must end. Our truckers are being ordered to be fully injected if they ‘want’ to keep working and to avoid quarantine (they also have to provide a pre-arrival molecular ‘test’ - don’t get me started on this shit). Uninjected truckers trying to enter from the States can’t enter Canada now. Sounds a bit North Korean to me.

Please see this video for some clarity on this insanity.

Tamara Lich, a woman working to fund raise for this event stated that:

A lot of these drivers do cross the border on a regular basis. My parents run a business and they cross the border all the time. As of Saturday (January 15th), they can’t do that. This is going to seriously impact our supply chain, groceries, goods, necessities, but it’s also impacting their livelihoods.

Wait now, interrupting supply chains. Didn’t someone say something about food shortages coming up soon? Maybe they didn’t bet on the real people having a problem with screwing their fellow Canadian over. Oy, how I hope they are all blasting Highway to Hell. Or Homer’s song. HAHAHA We got a great big convoy…

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1 Comment

Dec 13, 2022

I think the Canadian convoy was a critical factor in beginning to destroy the covid tyranny. We all owe them a great deal for their courage and sacrifice. A large group of united, committed, highly visible people stood up and said NO and the world took notice. We tried this is Australia, but the convoy was blocked from reaching the capital in full strength and then disbanded with the support of cowardly politicians and others, who claimed to support the truth but did not want to risk their reputations, positions, comfort or freedom. The brave and the true continue to stand firm for the freedom of all. SHALOM

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